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Cannabis Education.

Marijuana Consumption Tips:


You must be at least 21 years of age to shop or purchase. A valid government issued ID must be presented when you enter the store and at the time of purchase. 

Non-US citizens must present a valid passport.

It is a felony to give, share, or purchase cannabis for anyone under the age of 21.

Do not drive after consuming. Based on observed impairment and levels of THC in the bloodstream, you can be prosecuted for DUI. Don’t put yourself or others at risk!

You are limited to purchasing 1 ounce (28 grams) of flower per day, or the equivalent weight in edibles and concentrates. 100mg of edible THC = 3.5g of flower. 1g of concentrates = 3.5g of flower.

Consuming marijuana in any of its forms is not permitted in public. It is illegal to smoke, vape, or ingest in public places or on Federal Land.

Cannabis products cannot be taken out of state. There is an amnesty box at the Aspen Airport for your convenience.


THC is psychoactive and should be treated with respect and caution.

LOW AND SLOW is the name of the game. Cannabis affects every individual uniquely. 

You can’t take back what you’ve consumed, but you can add more if desired. The onsets of products vary, so always take a conservative approach and ease into it. 

The chemical reaction in the body differs for each type of consumption. If you are great at skiing, it doesn’t mean you will be an expert snowboarder on your first day right?

At the moment, cannabis is classified as sativa, indica, or hybrid. Terpenes are responsible for the way cannabis (and all other plants) smell. These nifty chemical compounds may interact with each other, in addition to their relationship with sativa, indica, or hybrid strains.



  • It’s true, legalization and improved growing techniques have brought on a lot of high potency cannabis to the market!

  • Although enjoyed by some, not everyone wants to ride the double black runs. The Snowmass Dispensary offers low potency flower and microdose edibles.
  • Not interested in catching a buzz? There are other chemical compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants that may be of interest for you to explore.
  • Talk with any of our cannasseurs to find out more.


  • Keep your cannabis products in child-resistant packaging and store all products in a locked area out of reach from children and pets!

  • Be aware and respectful of individuals who don’t want to be around cannabis consumption.

Different products. Different effects.


Cannabis flower is most commonly smoked, but can be vaped or baked. Effects of inhalation are nearly instantaneous and can last for 1-4 hours. Heart rates typically rise initially and temper off as other euphoric feelings kick in. Potency and strain types vary greatly and affect all users differently
Cannabis Flower Potency Level


These products are highly concentrated, high in THC, and very flavorful. Remember hash? These days hash comes in many forms- live resin, rosin, badder, wax – just to name a few. Differences are determined by how the compounds are extracted. Due to high potency, less experienced individuals should tread lightly! Inhaled.
Cannabis Concentrates Potency Level


Often prepackaged in cartridges. These products require vaporization which is accomplished by different heating methods and apparatuses. Falls under the concentrates umbrella, beckoning user caution and awareness.

Cannabis Oils Potency Level


In Colorado, individual servings of edibles are limited to 10mg, however, there may be 10 in a pack so don’t just eat because you are hungry. The options in this category are unlimited and range from classic baked goods to microdoses blended with herbs. Your body processes THC differently when it is digested compared to inhaled. The onset of effects ranges from 5-10 minutes with fast-acting units compared to more traditional edibles requiring 30-90 minutes to be felt.
Cannabis Edibles Potency Level


Many lotions, creams, patches, and salves are available to explore. Consumers may be considering non-toxic ways to alleviate inflammation or even pain. A majority do not “get you high,” although transdermal patches deliver predetermined doses into the bloodstream accomplishing this task if THC is included. A great place to apply “full- spectrum” aspects and effects of multiple cannabinoids, many of which are still being discovered.
Marijuana Topicals Potency Level


Chemical compounds that interact with our endocannabinoid systems. THC and CBD are the most commonly known and studied, however, there may be up to 100! CBG, CBN, and THCA represent the new scientific frontiers of this realm. New information is continually coming out revealing the roles these compounds may play in our daily lives.
CBD Cannabinoids Potency Level